Chick-fil-A Is Our New Official 5K & Dye Run Sponsor!

Chick-fil-A 5K logo

Chick-fil-A of the Heartland Mall is now our new official sponsor for the 5K & Dye Run at this year’s Early Pioneer Days.

The 5K and Dye Run will be held on October 17 at 8 a.m.
You can like and follow their store, Chick-fil-A Heartland Mall Facebook to keep up with exciting news and events!
A registration form and flyer of the event can be found at the Early Chamber of Commerce and attached here…
Chick-fil-A 5K Form

What you will see at Pioneer Days…

 Lead and LaceLone Star Lead and Lace

New to Pioneer Day’s this year will be Lone Star Lead and Lace.

Lone Star Lead and Lace is a volunteer group of friends keeping the Old West alive for festival, fund raiser, or party. Let them take you back to the days when outlaws ruled the land. Gun fights, bank robberies, villains and saloon girls, marshals and their ladies all come alive. So, come along with us to the days when the West was really wild !

We will have the “Gunslinger Challenge” for all of you “Quick Draw” Cowboys and Cowgirls!

Check Lone Star Lead and Lace out: or on Facbook at:!/pages/Lone-Star-Lead-Lace/143772009030928




Camp Cookieville

Camp Cookieville will be at Pioneer Days! What a TREAT this will be!!!!
Old Western Blacksmith Shop

Chuck wagon Setup Display
Mechanical Bull
Trick Roper
Longhorn Bull (Photo OP)


logo  (Non Profit Youth Organization)

The Sahawe Dancers are a unique performing group from Uvalde, Texas. For more than sixty years the Sahawe program has been an exciting combination of Scouting, lore, leadership development, and performance. In addition to their Summer and Winter performance held in Uvalde, their colorful performance has entertained audiences throughout the United States and internationally at conventions, museums, church gatherings, scouting functions, and community events. Their performance is the product of hundreds of hours of planning,  preparation, craftwork, and rehearsal,  as the youth learn valuable life skills such as leadership, teamwork, dedication, and cooperation. 

No member or leader receives any pay for their time dedicated to Sahawe activities. Instead, all funds are used to promote the future efforts of the Sahawe Dancers to provide worthwhile experiences and positive growth.

So come see the Sahawes at their next performance, or schedule them to perform at your next event!

dancer 1dancer 2dancer 3dancer 4dancer 5dancer 6


Beekeeping with Daniel Graham

daniel Graham





You will get to enjoy Yarn Spinning with Hood Dendy.


Dendy uses spinning wheel to teach the ‘how’ about history

Hood Dendy started working with an old-fashioned spinning wheel in order to conduct a demonstration for the Extension Education Hobby and Craft Fair Wednesday at Adams Street Community Center.


Printing Press Tina Howard

We will have Tina Howard there showing Letter Block Printing/ Printing Press. This is something that everyone should come check out!

Brownwood news wrote and article on Tina Howard giving information about what Letter Block Printing/Printing Press

“Tina Howard is a Blanket artist, who will demonstrate letter press printing, using a “sign press” or “small proof press.”
In 2005, Howard purchased her first antique printing press and moveable type. By reading old textbooks and scouring the internet, she was able to learn to use them.
“This method is called Letterpress Printing,” Howard said, “and it uses the same principles and tools that Gutenberg developed when he invented moveable type in the 15th century.”
She explained it is the method used to produce all books, forms, tickets, calling cards, and newspapers for hundreds of years.
“If you have a book printed before 1970, chances are it was printed by letterpress.”
According to Howard, letterpress remains an art form because of a couple of desirable qualities. It creates a palpable impression on the paper and it is done one sheet at a time, with nuances to each print.
Howard will demonstrate the techniques for producing a print, “set-typing” one character at a time. She now owns three presses, the two mentioned and a large block press.
In addition to printing as a hobby, Howard also does linoleum block printing and makes fine silver jewelry from hand sculpted metal clay.”

So keep watching for all the fun stuff that will be @ Pioneer Days!! 

KR Wood at the Early Pioneer Days in 2014

Back by popular demand in 2014, KR Wood aka: Camp Cookieville will be appearing aagain at the Early Pioneer Days, cooking up a little grub, spinning tall tales and doing a little pickin’ and grinnin’. Whatever you do- don’t ask him why he never cooks more than 239 beans at one time.

KR Wood at the Early Pioneer Days Festival in 2013